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The Method
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Mike Evans - Suzuki Violin Teacher

The Method

The Suzuki Method of violin teaching was developed in Japan in the 1950s by Dr Shinichi Suzuki. It is based on the simple but profound observation that all children learn to speak their own language successfully. That being so, then surely children could be taught other comparable skills in the same natural way.

The Teacher

In 25 years involvement in teaching, Mike has encountered pupils of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. Aspirations vary widely - from absolute beginners through those who play for their own pleasure to students who are making a serious study of the instrument. In 2001 Mike began the training course offered by the British Suzuki Institute and he now implements the method in his teaching.

The Results

Each year an increasing number of Suzuki-trained students are enrolling at music colleges and university music departments, and many have successfully entered the music profession. In countries such as USA, where the method has been established for longer, the majority of professors in the string faculties of major conservatoires owe their early training to Suzuki teachers.

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