tHE suzuki method

The crucial factor that makes the Suzuki method so special is the way in which parents join in the child's learning process. In the initial stages, (especially when dealing with under-fives) the role of the Mum or Dad is pivotal. The parent takes the lead as learning begins.



You'll be pleased to know that no previous knowledge of music is necessary (all the fundamentals of music will be covered in the lessons). Rather, an interested and enthusiastic attitude is required: a willingness to take on board new ideas, roll up your sleeves and have a go, parent and child together. 



For tinies, all you need to start is a cardboard box, a ruler and a pencil - and a download of the tunes in Suzuki Book One. Listen to them at home, in the background. You will be surprised how quickly you will absorb the tunes. At the same time, both child and parent watch other pupils being taught and make the cardboard box and ruler into a model violin. (The pencil stands in for the bow.)


 When your turn for lessons comes, there will be games that teach how to hold your 'violin' and 'bow'.  Meanwhile, Mum or Dad learns the first tunes on a proper big violin and just round the corner (when you've got the hang of holding the toys) there is a REAL violin and bow ... ) 


Parental attitude is all-important. Be kind but firm. Encouragement is the most valuable help you can give. Patience and positive comments are what are needed.  So, you see, learning the Suzuki way is a three-way partnership between child, parent and teacher.



The weekly lessons with the teacher are just one part of an ongoing process.  Regular practice sessions are vital for progress. Ten minutes each day is far better than an hour once a week. Arrange a regular time and a quiet place to practise together. Mum or Dad will need to take notes in a practice book during the lesson to provide a record of what needs to be done at home. For beginners, ten minutes is the right practice length - at least five times a week, increasing to fifteen minutes after a short time.